2014 ENA Award Recipients

1.    Brittany Mobley nominated for Patient Champion Award
“Brittany is an exemplary patient advocate. She excels in patient care standards. She continuously delivers high quality “Safe Practice, Safe Care” to all patients, She influences other nurses to do the same. She believes in educating patients and their family. I have been to many conferences and learning opportunities with Brittany. She in turn shares all the up to date patient care information with her colleagues. Brittany is always coming up with ideas on how to improve patient care as well. Her passion is contagious.” Nominated by Angelica Brookshire, RN

2.    Dorothy Naquin-Plaissance nominated for Lifetime Achievement award.
“Dorothy is a dedicated, hard worker. She is a superb nurse. She exhibits the highest quality of care of any nurse I know. She has always displayed leadership skills in the ED. Her experience ranges from Admit Discharge Nurse to Preceptor to Educator. She has high standards, is just worthy and always up to date on her facts. Her teaching style is fun and interactive. These loyalties are simple but significant contributritions are a value to emergency nursing. I have been fortunate to have Dorothy as a predecessor. Her dedicated service will one day be, and should be a legacy to all of us.” Nominated by Angelica Brookshire, RN

3.    Jenny Zulli, RN nominated for Nurse Practice Award
“Jenny provides consistent, excellent patient care. She has a strong knowledge base but is not afraid to ask for help with something that she is not familiar with. This alone exemplifies demonstration of a higher level of patient care standards. An example of her compassion is the respect and dignity that she provides to all of her patients and their family members. Jenny is gentle and kind; she always has a smile on her face. I have personally seen her assist the inexperienced nurse with the pediatric population. Her pediatric skills as well as her clinical skills are excellent. The truth is I have never seen Jenny say no to anyone for anything. You do not find her sitting down when others are working. She is an absolute team player.” Angie Brookshire, RN

4.    Andra Owens, RN Nominated for Leadership Award
“Andra demonstrates professionalism and commitment to ED nursing practice on a daily basis. Though she holds a leadership position, she is the first to pitch in and help within the clinical arena when needed, she collaborates and promotes physician development and is a visionary for emergency care. Andra is a leader of new processes, policies, and procedures and promotes a culture of change. She helped develop a new charge nurse role, has implemented a new triage process, and has revised the ED nurse competencies to mirror industry standards. Andra’s innovation steps make patient safety and quality a top priority in the organization. As director of the emergency services, she supervises a department that manages 60,000 visits annually. Under her direction, she has redesigned the workflow and patient throughput process and a major expansion is planned. Andra uses evidence-based best practices and innovation to create a patient-centered care model that includes a unit within the ED dedicated to psychiatric emergencies. She represents West Jeff Medical Center very well. Andra is a great nurse, natural leader and deserving of the leadership award.” Nominated by Gerard Oncale, RN

5.    Dorothy Naquin-Plaissance, RN Nominated for Nurse Ed Award
“As an educator, Dorothy trains direct patient care staff while providing team leadership. Dorothy has directed and instructed several ENA courses for TNCC and ENPC. She is an American Heart Association training center faculty for ACLS, PALS and BLS. She is a dynamic speaker and well abreast of the principles of adult learning.

While creating a compassionate and committed team within the nursing profession, Dorothy enjoys a vigorous and dynamic work environment and supports nursing culture by building positive relationships. She exhibits an enthusiastic drive and commitment for sustained effort and hard work. Dorothy is an exceptional role model and leads by example.
Dorothy is an extraordinary nurse who holds herself to the highest standards of care while helping her co-workers to do likewise. She embodies and gives voice to everything that is best about nursing.  Her compassion, intelligence, and vision make her an extraordinary ambassador for the profession.” Nominated by Gerard Patrick Oncale, RN

6.    Tracy Battard, RN Nominated for Nurse Practice Award
“Tracy is a current member of the ENA, a Certified Emergency Nurse, and a previous recipient of the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. She has been an emergency nurse for 10 years and is employed at West Jeff Med Center. Tracy has demonstrated significant contributions to the ED by facilitating collaborating relationships with emergency medicine and ancillary departments to implement and improve operational and clinical standards. Tracy creates and sustains a high degree of patient satisfaction as evidenced by consistently receiving compliments from patients and their families, as well as her co-workers. Tracy is instrumental in implementing creative and innovative strategies when addressing ED throughput. Tracy has been a great role model and leader with the ED. She is approachable, professional and highly respected by her peers for her work and level of expertise that she brings to the department. Her drive and enthusiasm are infectious and she inspires others to strive for nursing by truly leading by example.” Nominated by Patrick Gerard Oncale, RN

7.    Tracy Battard, RN, Nominated for the Leadership Award
“Tracy is an amazing emergency room nurse. The years I have worked with her, she has been one of our charge nurses. Tracy demonstrates leadership by being a great resource and role model for new nurses. Tracy promotes connections between the employees and her crew. Tracy promotes teamwork and is always seeking out ways to keep staff morale at its highest. She is a pleasure to work with.” Nominated by Elise Hepting, RN

8.    Bridget Gardner, RN Nominated for Injury Prevention
“Bridget Gardner has dedicated the last 16 years of her of 22 year nursing career to Injury Prevention. Bridget is currently the Injury Prevention Coordinator at the Spirit of Charity Level 1 Trauma Center at ILH in New Orleans.  She is also the Program Director for the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission’s Child Passenger Safety- Occupant Protection Programs for the entire state of Louisiana. Bridget has developed several injury prevention programs such as Sudden Impact and has been an integral part of developing Child Passenger Safety Stations throughout the state. Her most recent accomplishment is expanding the Sudden Impact Program which is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to decreasing motor vehicle crashes related to injuries and fatalities to other regions in the state. She currently has over (20) high schools that participate in the Sudden Impact Program throughout Louisiana. Bridget is well known in the Injury Prevention arena and was recently a national speaker at the Society of Trauma Nurses 2014 Annual Conference. Ms. Gardner is very active in the Louisiana Emergency Response Network (LERN) Injury Prevention activities and leads most of the events that they sponsor. I think she deserves this prestigious award because of her passion for saving lives. Please consider her. Bridget has also played a major role in a new injury prevention program called the Law Enforcement Hemorrhage Control & Trauma Tourniquet Training.
The number one cause of preventable death in penetrating trauma is hemorrhage. Following recent activities in Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, Connecticut, Aurora, Colorado, and the Boston Marathon, the American College of Surgeons brought together leaders from law enforcement, the military, fire/rescue and medicine to review the active shooter events and develop policies which would decrease the number of fatalities in mass casualty shootings. The documents are referred to as the Hartford Consensus and the paper is titled “Improving Survival from Active Shooter Events”.
The course the ILH- Level 1 Trauma Center developed based on the Hartford Consensus is necessary to increase the survivability of any victim, including law enforcement whose priority is to stop or isolate the event. Just as the Tactical Combat Casualty Care program has reduced deaths in penetrating trauma in combat, the goal to provide similar instruction as part of the law enforcement response is extremely important. The course supports best practices, is simple, proven and so relevant.
Bridget was a driving force in making this program a reality and has taught over (700) police officers throughout the state the use of tourniquets and the art of hemorrhage control. Again, I ask that she be recognized for this prestigious award.” Nominated by Dan P. Kiff, RN MN